Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"har ek fun zaroori hota hai"

Off late i realize that i am living a mechanical life...!
- Getting up at 6.30, doing regular chores
- breakfast @ 8
- College
- All day in the campus, doing some work or the other,
- lunch, tea..
- hostel
-assignments, team presentations....!! (Ufffffff.....!!)
and finally dinner, Fb and sleep....
I mean i really felt like my life is becoming so boring...
My friend pings me on gtalk, says "hi", "how r u?", "wassup??"
and all i have to reply is "HEy", "i am good, u?" "nohthing much, u say"
Dats it...end of conversation...!!!:O :O

I realized this should not go on, coz i'm just 22 & being so deadly and occupied now itself isn't good , so what can i do??
All i did as a start-up was told this thing to my friends here...all felt the same we decided to have some instant fun..."wanna know what??" ;)

We all took our bathing mugs, went to the terrace , opened the water taps and started splashing water over one another. Initially some thought "what are we doing??" , but the craziness had come out of them within no time and all started playing like mad people...running behind each other pouring water..!
That night i felt very happy & light. Even though it was silly and funny and crazzyyy, i felt as if i have done something great. That night my friend pinged me in gtalk and our conversation went till midnight, coz i had something to tell her and it went on with old memories.

Here after i have decided that i am going to find ways to have small fun, however silly it maybe, i would like to keep the child in me ALIVE, and not let it sleep in the shade of time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Attitude eh???!!??!!

Hello friendz.....
In this Blog of mine i am going to write somethings that have alwayz been bothering me.....
As everyone knows i have been completely brought-up in North..with the so called North attitude(though i find not much difference between north n south attitudes).But the moment i say that i belong to nasik..ppl's view change.They start looking at me as a very modern and egoistic girl..having less family values and a freedom lover n very outgoing.
This has happened not less than 20 times with me....infact sometimes i have had serious argumets with some ppl regarding this issue....
Why is it so??
Does this mean that ..had i been brought up in south i would have had more family values and would have been less modern and less egoistic and also nt very outgoing??
And is it really that girls in south do not have the freedom to do what we the north girls have?
Well my comment in this issue would be surely NO..
Coz i find not even one south girl from so many i've known til now...different from a north gal//I find both of them alike. And i would love to add that "be it north or be it south, if a girl wishes to behave like a girl she can do it anywhere"....the surroundings would surely not change the actual nature of the gal.
Will it??
Infact i would say that if u r brought-up with ur own people around(by own ppl i mean same language speakin ppl,same state ppl) u would have more positive outlook and also can be urself in front of the world.Coz when u r in a different state ur DIFFERENT.
Beleive me...i do accept there are some differences between the attitudes of north n south come on..i dont think you can judge a person's character just on the basis of the place where they have been brought-up. Can u? or rather Should you??
Is it right?....uhh well i dont think it is right..
and i would never judge a person like then yeah..."DIFFERENT PPL HAVE DIFFERNT VIEWs..."
n dats the reason i am asking u let me know ur views...

Friday, May 8, 2009

My first Blog....!!

Err........never in my life have i thought about anything so much.....that i have thought for writing this blog..

firstly i was excited that like others even i would have a blog...but then after creating one i started thinking and thinking as to what to write in it???

if i start to tell about my life n everything that has happened and is happening in my life then it wud jus go on.....n on.....

Frankly speaking the main reason why i thought about writing a blog is that i wanted to improve my english writing skills....and also the kind of lingos i have started using these dayz everywhere....i.e. the short forms of each and every word..also called SMS language...

I remember my first day of English lecture in my second year...n the teacher calls my name for attendance "Madhushree Ramani"...n without even thinking for a second i say "yup mam"...
everyone in the class turn their heads n look at me....for a second i dint realize as to what i said then i was like .."err......sorry just came out of my mouth..."

Damn yaar...first time in my life did i say sorry to a teacher for a mistake....!!

and guess what this was not the only incident....infact after that incident in class the mam started keeping an eye on my i had to be very careful....n i did succeed during her lectures atleast..

But can u imagine what a stupid thing i did after that??

It was my internal exam first internal n my very first paper was ENGLISH

I was supposed to write a report on launch of a new scooter in the market.I was pretty confident that i would surely write a nice one coz i liked writing such kind of articles n all.....i wrote 2 full pages ..n submitted the paper..
n guess what..???
after the result came out..the teacher calls me and advices me that i have written a very nice report but everything was in a different short
where=whr...that-dat...because=coz n so onn.....

Thank god tht teacher didn't scold me for this coz she knew that i dint do it purposely....she jus asked me to change it before the exam....n i did follow her instructions...

My semester exam came...n to quite an extent i had overcome my habit of writing short forms....

now i m trying my best to completely avoid the slang not only in exams but everywhere else...

U might hav noticed some short forms i might have used here also...but i hav tried my best not to use them.....!!